Dragon City Mall
Dragon City Mall



Dragon City Mall will be re-opening as of Wednesday, June 24th, 2020.

In support of the Princess Margaret Hospital’s Covid-19 research fund, Shiu Pong will donate the total proceeds of $1 per mask (required to wear at DCM) to Princess Margaret Hospital.

Support PMH with the purchase of a Dragon City Mall mask

Thank you!


We are Re-opening!



在此提醒: 並非每一個店面,每一個商鋪,都能夠完全及時配合商場營業時間, 有些單一店鋪,可能無法于6月24日開檔。建議顧客在出發之前,自行聯繫指定商鋪並確認其營業時間。

為了每位顧客的安全. 工作人員會在入口處,測量每個人的體溫。有發燒的顧客,將會被要求回家休息,並自行聯繫家庭醫生。

要求所有進入商場的顧客都必須佩戴口罩, 並與他人保持安全社交距離以及按照地板上的指示箭頭單方向行走。前台,提供口罩,每個一元,是爲了給未配帶口罩的舊雨新知提供方便。口罩銷售所得將全數捐至瑪嘉烈公主癌症協會用以支持Covid-19新冠肺炎疫苗開發研究,同時,我們歡迎您進行額外捐款至


在公共區域, 我們將會每一個小時,進行一次消毒。而且, 我們也已在會與人體高機率接触的公共區域,噴塗最新高科技-Aegis獨特微生物抗菌處理塗層,來進一步維護顧客們的健康,防止病毒傳播。每層樓梯口,電梯口旁,都設置免洗洗手液。為了保證顧客之間安全社交距離,我們將會限制每趟電梯人數,具體人數限制, 將會公告並貼在每一部電梯旁。

誠心希望每一顧客都能夠在龍城商場,享受安全健康,並且享有開心愉快的逛街體驗. 在此全球共同對抗病毒疫情的緊急時刻, 衷心感謝大家的支持與合作.

We are Re-opening!


Dragon City Mall is re-opening our doors to shoppers this Wednesday June 24th, though therestaurants and food service will be take-out only. Mall Operation Hours will be changed to 11:00am-7:00pm Monday through Sunday.

Not every single shop will be ready to go at this moment and we recommend our customers to contact the individual stores for their operation hours.

For the safety of everyone inside the mall, our staff will be implementing temperature checking of all customers at our mall entrance. Those who show a fever will be kindly asked to return home and rest, and to contact their health care provider.

All customers are required to wear face masks while shopping at the Mall, to keep social distancing and follow the one way traffic signs on floor at all time. If you forgot to bring your own mask, masks are available at front desk for customers to purchase at cost of $1. Proceeds from our mask sale will support Covid-19 Research at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre or you could donate to this worthwhile cause on thepmcf.ca/dragoncitymasksale

All common areas are being disinfected on hourly basis with special attention to high-touch surfaces where we added Aegis microbe shield to enhance safety. Hand sanitizer dispensers are available on every floor and near the elevators. In order to maintain the social distancing on elevator, the limit of passenger’s number on each ride will be posted at elevator lobby.

Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable shopping exigence at Dragon City mall and we appreciate everyone’s co-operation and understanding while we try to manage through an unprecedented global emergency.

Covid-19 Proactive Solutions

We may not be able to service you at full force right now, but we are always thinking about your well being.

During this downtime, we are being proactive and utilize Greener Solutions’ Aegis Shield Treatment. The Aegis Microbe Shield product is registered under Health Canada and US EPA and provides the following benefits:

  1. Not detergent or bleach
  2. Antimicrobial surface treatment
  3. Provide surface protection to control and prevent the growth of mould
  4. Microbe Shield makes surfaces inhospitable for germs, reducing the risk of transmission and helping to keep germ populations low
  5. Remains effective for up to 1 year
  6. According to CBC news, this product has been used by GO Trains for germs control on its buses and trains

All high-traffic areas, such as doorknobs, elevator buttons, handrails and other busy spots in Dragon City Mall has been applied with these products.

We are dedicate to provide a health and safe environment for our customers and employees.

When it’s time for re-opening, we will be all ready for your visits again!

DRAGON CITY MALL Covid Precautions
DRAGON CITY MALL Covid Precautions
DRAGON CITY MALL Covid Precautions
DRAGON CITY MALL Covid Precautions